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Keep your deals (and people) in line – so everyone wins

Now you can organize deals, expedite transactions, and increase capital with one simple and streamlined platform.


Let’s face facts

Tenants and property owners lack a central location for driving transactions.


Today, inefficiency shrouds the lease transaction process – poor communication, slow responses, imperfect management, zero centralized documentation, and unhappy tenants are rampant.

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Drive revenue by shaving days off transactions and moving tenants in faster.

Dottid is the only platform that allows owners & asset managers to view transactions with transparency, control, and communication – alongside leasing, tenant, and build-out teams.

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dottid works for you

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The new standard for driving transactions

Dottid brings everyone together to get deals done faster with increased transparency, enhanced organization, and improved workflow management.

Bottom Line

Increase revenue, organization, and satisfaction